The Guide to Buying Jewelry Gifts – Gemstone Jewelry, Rings, Pendants..

When it comes to buying gifts for women, jewelry is always be an excellent choice. Jewelry is the ideal romantic gift. It is also a great choice when buying for a female friend or relative. Nevertheless, it is easy to make a mistake when purchasing jewelry gifts. If you are not careful, you may choose something that does not suit the recipient. Fortunately, there are ways of picking out jewelry that suits the wearer.


When you are buying jewelry for a woman, you need to think about her size. Is the woman you are buying for small and petite, tall and large, or somewhere in-between? Small, delicate items of jewelry tend to suit smaller women, and vice versa. Large and chunky items of jewelry don’t look good on smaller women. That’s because people tend to notice the jewelry rather than the actual woman. Conversely, small and delicate items of jewelry are hard to notice on large women. When you are buying jewelry for a woman, try to match it with her height and weight.

Gemstones and Setting

When buying jewelry for a woman, it is important to think about her coloring. Ideally the Gemstones and setting should match the woman’s skin tone, eye color and hair. If you are buying jewelry for a woman with a fair complexion, choose a white gold or silver setting. Women with pale skin and blue eyes also tend to suit cool or pale colored gemstones such as blue topaz, white diamonds, jade, white pearls, aquamarine, moonstone, opal, turquoise, sapphire and rose quartz. Women who have a warm or dark complexion often suit yellow gold. They also look good wearing gemstones that correspond with their skin tone. Rubies, Garnets, Sapphire, Emeralds, Coral, White Topaz, Topaz, Pearls, Citrine and Aquamarine tend to suit women with warm or dark complexions.

Her Personality

When you are buying jewelry for a woman, it is important to try and match it to her character and personal taste. Introverted and conservative women, for example, usually prefer classic items of jewelry that never go out of style. Women who are extroverted and enjoy standing out from the crowd tend to like unusual or unique items of jewelry. You can ensure you buy jewelry that matches the recipient’s taste by looking at the clothing and accessories she usually chooses to wear.

Quality Items

When you buy jewelry as a gift for someone else, wanting to get the best possible value for money is quite normal. So how can you be sure that the jewelry you purchase is a quality item? White gold and yellow gold is always stamped. When it comes to Gemstones, you should look for good cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Well cut gemstones tend to have more shine and luster. If you are buying jewelry that contains Diamonds, paler Gemstones are better. With all other gemstones, vivid colors are best. It is also a good idea to make sure the gemstones do not contain many inclusions or impurities. The only exception when it comes to clarity and inclusions is the Emerald. That’s because emeralds typically have many inclusions.

Where to Buy

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