Wedding Anniversary Gemstones: the First Ten Years

Wedding anniversaries celebrating each year of marriage have traditional and more recently created symbols and traditions associated with them. Silver and gold wedding at 25 and 50 years have never been tampered with since their origins in Europe in the middle ages. All other years have different symbols that have been presented and can differ country to country or region to region.

Not surprisingly, it was a jewelers’ association that introduced a gemstone list that offers a different type of stone for each year of marriage up to the 24th and then more at five or 10 year intervals after that. How lovely to receive a piece of jewelery with different gems for each year that you are married. How satisfying to buy such a gift for your loved-one each year.

Here is a list that covers the first ten years, along with a few interesting facts about the Gemstones concerned.

Years One to Five

After a year the first Gemstone is a Pearl. These come in different colors, with the palest ones having the most value. Often called Fairies of the Water, in various different cultures, pearls are believed to be gifts from the gods to mankind. The ancient Romans believed they originated from drops of water that were captivated by the beauty of Venus.

For the Second Anniversary you have a choice of Garnet or Rose Quartz, the latter believed to reduce stress and encourage a harmonious relationship. Garnets are protective Gemstones as they can illuminate darkness and highlight danger.

Crystal is the Gemstone of the Third Anniversary. It has healing powers and overcomes negativity. Gathered from the beautiful gardens of underwater reefs, it has long been popular and is becoming rarer to find.

For the fourth anniversary you also have to choose, this time between Topaz and Amethyst. Amethyst is another calming stone said to aid healing and promote creativity. Topaz is a protective stone: ancient Greeks thought it could make you invisible; Romans believed it could make you see more clearly; and Egyptians wore it to avoid injuries.

Beware the turquoise stone of the Fifth Anniversary. It will change color if your love fades or you are unfaithful. Turquoise is found in the Eastern Mediterranean countries and in America where it was used by medicine men for all sorts of healing purposes.

Years Six to Ten

Garnet and Amethyst again are the choices for the sixth anniversary. If you receive Garnet, wear it next to your skin to help you through any traumatic times.

For the seventh, you can select Lapis Lazuli or Onyx. While some believe Onyx can bring bad luck unless worn together with a Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli protects its wearer and promotes friendship and sincerity.

Your choices for the eighth are Aventurine or multi-colored Tourmaline. Both these stones come in different colors and color mixes, and the appearance of each will be unique. While the tourmaline will give you energy, the adventurism will help you overcome fears or anxieties.

On the Ninth Anniversary, Lapis Lazuri appears again. The second choice is Tiger Eye, which is believed to help your digestion and to give you courage.

The Tenth Anniversary is associated with Black Onyx. Don’t forget to wear it with some pretty Blue Moonstones to benefit from its magic and have true protection from it.

The legends and beliefs around the various gemstones can only add to the attraction of their obvious beauty and value. If you to start a wedding anniversary collection, they will give you pleasure throughout your life and be a wonderful inheritance for the following generations.


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